Make yourself familiar

Here are two YouTube videos, one where you can see the score while listening to the demo of the piece and one in which you can see me conduct the piece while listening to the demo.

Choose your Part

Here you find the specifications for each part. You can also download the parts and templates. Just click on the rider.

  • Composition “Amikaro” for 5 instruments, key of C, duration approx. 3:20, see score here!
  • Moderato (110 bpm) – Allegro (128 bpm) – Moderato (Tempo Primo)
  • Composer: Mat Clasen, copyright © 2021 Mat Clasen
  • View score video here!

Or select your (type of) Instrument

Click on your instrument. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact me and I will add the missing parts.

Flutes / Clarinets / Saxophones / Double Reeds / Tumpets / Horns / Low Brass / Strings / Other

Overview over the Parts

Here you can find out which parts are already recorded and which parts still need some attention. Click on an instrumente name to get to the corresponding sheet music.

Green means feel free to record that part.

Yellow means someone has already recorded that part, but there is still room for doublings or different sound colors.

Red means there are eonogh recordings of that part, please choose another one.